Disney: Captain America - Civil War Digital Campaign

For Disney studio’s launch of Captain America: Civil War, we asked fans to pick a side. Our interactive campaign used mobile and digital media across south east asia. #Team Cap and #TeamIronMan hashtags were aggregated using Stackla, and updated across Asia in realtime. A simple idea that required a huge, often complex collaboration between our team, Clear Channel, Focus Media, Mediacorp, Posterscope and CNS Connections. Captain America: Civil War grossed over 45m in South East Asia, including the largest ever opening week in the Phillipines And the second largest in Thailand. It was Singapore’s Top-grossing film of 2016 and the campaign itself won us a Gold for Best Collaboration between Media Owner & Agency at Media-Interactive Spark awards 2016.

Interactive billboards across Southeast Asia aggregated the number of Hashtags for each team

In Singapore we used Clear's Channel's touch-screen PLAY posters in addition to standard video screens

in the Philippines, we made full use of large scale outdoor media.

targeted ritch media adverts encouraged fans to interact

updated in real time with stackla

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