In 2020 we helped Crocs develop a "Come As You Are" music playbook with a "Sing your OWN tune" positioning - This came to life first in Korea with the launch of the 2021 BRING IT SING IT music contest. 
We released a specially created backing track - written by Universal Music Korea star SAAY - and encouraged young Koreans to "BRING IT SING IT" with their own lyrics for the track. We pushed out the campaign on multiple UMK and artist-owned owned channels, fronted by six specially-created animated Crocs mascots, including SAAY herself.  
The campaign generated over 260 entries, 3.3 million impressions and a total reach of 3.5 million.
The lucky winner dueted with SAAY on a re-recorded track - released worldwide and supported by Universal Music Korea, and the campaign was renewed by CROCS for 2022 onwards. 
the campaign launched to SAAY's 427k followers and on 7 other UMK-owned social channels
We created six Crocs Mascots for the campaign to represent different Come As You Are music styles, and multiple animated and static post 
There were over 260 song entries, cut down to a final shortlist of 20
The track launches in November. Watch this Space
Example reminder post - the messaging was done in a mix of Korean and English to give the campaign a more international feel.
Example IG stories animation
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